Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. is a national and joint-stock life insurance company approved by the head office of the People's Bank of China on August 22, 1996. Its headquarters is located in Beijing. Pursuing the development strategy of "specialization, standardization and internationalization", adhering to the concept of steady operation and pioneering and innovative management, we are always committed to providing professional and high-quality life insurance services for the growing white-collar workers, and advocating the modern outlook on life, modern consumption and family values of the young, healthy, fashionable and happy white-collar workers. November 30, 2018, won the "2018 TOP Financial List - Best Life Insurance Company of the Year".

In September 2015, Taikang Life Yanyuan Hospital located in Changping District was renovated. After completion, it was faced with opening up. However, after their testing, they found that indoor formaldehyde and TVOC exceeded the standard, in order to provide good experience and safety for employees and customers. Taikang Life decided to carry out air treatment for Yanyuan Hospital. Five enterprises were consulted and carefully considered. Finally, we selected our company as the supplier of air treatment. After three days of busy, tense and orderly management. Five days later, Taikang Life commissioned a third-party testing agency for testing. The indicators of all pollutants are far below the national standards. Our company has received consistent praise and recognition from customers.